Customer Service at its best.

I have been on several forums of late where the topic of customer service has been including at length in discussions.  Most of the conversations were about big business and their lack of customer service but what about us little guys (and gals).  So I want to share this story. I have a weekend place […]

Professional web site evaluation

Recently I took advantage of an offer to have an evaluation of My Office Assistant website.  My reasoning was two fold, the first is that I am going to be doing a site redesign to incorporate some new service offerings and hone the ones that I am offering.  The second was that while I was […]

Ethics and Integrity in Your Business

A question was posed on one of the forums that I participate in about the ethics of colleagues in the VA industry.  It did not take me long to devise a response and now I would like to share it with you. I will start by saying that integrity, honestly and confidentiality are highest on […]

Dealing With The Anxieties And Stresses Of Managing Your Own Business

I was contacted by Stanley Popovich about providing a guest post about dealing with stress.  Stanley is author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods”.  After reading the article I thought it had some good points and therefore would like to share it with each of you.  I […]

New Direction

As you can see from the infrequent posts that blogging consistently is not on my top to-do list.  I did post Part Three in Starting my Business series because I told you I would and had it written.  I am going to change my focus now and I hope you continue to join me as […]

Starting a new business. PART THREE

My Website As a Virtual Assistant it was necessary that I have a website. After all how would it be if there were no Virtual in the Virtual Assistant. Many small companies do not realize the importance of a website, no matter how small or local they may be. Think about this, when you want […]